Thailand Football

Football was popular in Thailand. It is considered the most popular sport in the country as evidenced by peoples reaction when there is a game. It is one of their sports that are most played. There are many local teams that compete with each other to have the national title. The country has its own recognized team members that play or represents the country during competitions with other countries. Football has been inscribed into the culture of Thailand since it was introduced into the country.

They have the Football Association of Thailand (FAT) as the official governing body. In the year of 1897 the game was introduced and since that time, people watch the game on television whether it is in the local channel or the ones with the cable connected paid regularly. They can watch freely some matches especially the ones with the English format and most of the match is broadcasted throughout the nation. In this country, the Asian Cup event has been conducted for two times already.

It was first conducted during 1972 as the first time and the second is in the year of 2007. It has co-hosted it with other countries. You can see the list of competitions the country had already been to. There are also videos on the internet so you can see their performances if interested in a more detailed information. With that interest, the Trang Football Club was also organized to oversee the team members and manage the competition they will have and all other matters related to the football.